The Adulting series introduces students to life skills that aren't taught in the classroom. Learn how to "adult" as participants explore finances, healthy eating, purpose, professionalism, and other life skills.

You can attend all four parts of this series or participate in the sessions that seem most interesting to you. 

Part One: Saving for Spring Break 
Saving for spring break will introduce students to financial well-being and social well-being. Learn how to plan an exciting, stress relieving getaway on a realistic college budget over spring break!  
​       Date: Thursday, January 18
​       Time: 4pm-5pm
​       Location: Student Center 320

Part Two: Food for Life*
Interested in cooking? Learn key skills in the kitchen that will help you to enjoy home cooked healthy meals for life. In this class, you will talk about budgeting and preparing a balanced meal and snack perfect for the busy college student.
       Date: Wednesday, February 7
​       Time: 5pm-6:30pm
​       Location: West Village Dining Commons 209

Part 3: Crafting a Purpose - Exploring your Meaning*
Develop an understanding of purpose and meaning as it relates to health and well-being by exploring motivation behind personal, family, and community purpose. You will utilize art therapy as a form of stress management and create a vision board.
​       Date: Wednesday, February 28
​       Time: 5pm-6pm
​       Location: Student Center 301

Part 4: Building Professional Relationships
Do you want to learn more about how building professional relationships in college can set you up for future career success? Join us for a panel discussion with Georgia Tech faculty and staff about the importance of networking, building, and maintaining professional relationships here on campus.
​       Date: Tuesday, March 6
​       Time: 11am-12pm
​       Location: Student Center 321

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