Certified Healthy

Georgia Tech is committed to promoting, nurturing and enriching a community of health, well-being and caring. Certified Healthy was created to recognize student organizations, schools and colleges, campus departments/units, and other campus groups at Georgia Tech that have demonstrated a commitment to fostering healthy lifestyle choices across all dimensions of well-being (emotional, social, physical, professional, and spiritual). Your group does not need to do all of the items found in the application to become certified; rather, take this opportunity to have conversations around what your group is currently doing - and would like to be doing - to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles, well-being, and a culture of caring. 

Certified Healthy recipients are recognized as Georgia Tech leaders for going “above and beyond” to make health and well-being a priority. Most importantly, Certified Healthy gives recipients a sense of pride in their passion for improving not only individual health, but the Georgia Tech’s community as a whole. 

Gold Certified Healthy

Gold Certified Healthy badge

Gold Certified Healthy groups have created a culture of health, well-being, and caring that is ingrained in their department or organization. They have gone above and beyond in promoting health in all five dimensions of well-being and regularly encourage group members to follow their purpose, practice self-care, and create a supportive environment for all members. 

2018 Gold Certified groups:

  • Strategic Consulting 
  • Campus Services
  • Phi Mu
  • VOICE Peer Educators
  • Yesplus
  • Honors Program
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
  • KNIT Mentorship

Certified Healthy

Certified Healthy Badge

Certified Healthy groups influence a community of health, well-being, and caring within their department or organization. They provide health and well-being opportunities for their group members in the majority of dimensions.

2018 Certified groups:

  • Procurement & Business Services
  • Controller’s Office
  • Legal Affairs & Risk Management
  • Health Initiatives
  • Stamps Health Services 
  • Office of International Education
  • Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience
  • Campus Recreation
  • Student Center
  • MBA Graduate Program Office
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Smart/Sharp Living Learning Communities
  • SHS Ambassadors
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Love Your Melon @ GT
  • Meditation Club
  • Molly’s Co
  • Band Club
  • Undergraduate Public Health Association 

Striving for Certified Healthy

Striving for Certified Healthy badge

Striving for Certified Healthy groups are working towards creating a community of health, well-being, and caring within their organization or department. They may be strong in one dimension, but need to expand their efforts into all five dimensions of well-being.

2018 Striving for Certified groups:

  • Center for Academic Success