Well-Being Activators

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Activators are ambassadors and champions of well-being within the Georgia Tech community.

Activators serve as role models within their respective groups or departments, inspiring others to flourish physically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, socially, and personally. They are charged with:

  • Relaying information about events and programs related to health and well-being
  • Motivating their peers and colleagues to adopt healthy behaviors
  • Enhancing a culture of health, wellbeing, and caring among students and employees at Georgia Tech

Well-Being Activators are the “first to know” about the latest health and well-being happenings on campus.

Well-Being Activators host programs, lead healthy challenges and integrate well-being into their group or department.

Activators spend about 3-4 hours each month infusing health and well-being into their group. Some weeks, that is simply sending an email to the group/team outlining upcoming events and programs that they can sign up for. Other weeks Activators may choose to host an original program or a health initiatives staff member.  Here are some successful programs that current Activators have held:

  • Residence Hall Healthy Floor Competition – each floor’s residents tracked their healthy behaviors each month, such as eating 4 servings of veggies or sleeping more than 8 hours in a night. Each month, the floor that completed the most healthful behaviors received a prize. 
  • Weekly Mindfulness Meditation sessions – a 30 minute weekly session for staff to practice mindful meditation together in order to de-stress and “reboot.”
  • Pay it Forward Chocolates – A box of chocolates and ideas for acts of kindness were placed in the office.  Employees were encouraged to take a chocolate and to pay it forward. 
  • Healthy Potluck Lunch – members each provided their favorite healthy dish for a department meal.  Nutritionist joined the group for a conversation on healthy eating. 


Well-Being Activators attend one half-day training and then attend monthly meetings.

In order to become an Activator, you must attend a half-day training and monthly meetings. The training will help you develop leadership skills, learn core concepts related to health and well-being, and teach you how to create programs for your group.

The monthly meetings cover the topic of the month and provide an overview of upcoming programs and events. The monthly meetings are also an opportunity for Activators to work together on creating programs and initiatives and share success stories.

The next training for student Well-Being Activators is: Sep 23rd, 10:00 - 1:00 PM in the Student Center Peachtree Room

The deadline to apply is Sept 13th and applicants will be notified about acceptance from August 20th to Sept. 18th

The next training for employee Well-Being Activators is: Oct. 12, 10:00 - 2:00 PM, location TBD (lunch provided)

The deadline to apply is Oct. 4th and applicants will be contacted between Sept. 18th to Oct 5th

The dates for monthly meetings will be announced prior to training. 


As a Well-Being Activator, you will gain skills related to leadership, well-being, and fostering healthy behavior change.

Activators have access to information, tools and resources that will assist them in leading a healthier lifestyle for themselves and the group that they represent. Activators also have a strong peer, professional and cross-campus network.

Yolonda Cameron from Legal Affairs & Risk Management became an activator to, “cultivate a community of health, well-being and caring on a practical level. That is, it means not only sharing various health & wellness tips and initiatives at Georgia Tech but also facilitating a variety of health & wellness activities.” 

Chemical engineering student, Justin Goveas became an activator to, “be a resource to the community and to my peers. I’m able to take what I’ve learned in the activators program and incorporate it into the lives of people around me. It’s something I’m thankful for because I’m better able to be there for my friends and the people I care about.”


Every student organization and campus department needs at least one Well-Being Activator.

Below is a roster of the organizations and departments who currently have a Well-Being Activator.

Don’t see your group? Apply to be or nominate someone to be a Well-Being Activator for your organization or department.

Student Application | Employee Application 

Application Deadlines for Fall 2018
  • Students: Sept. 13 (applicants will be notified about acceptance from August 20th to Sept. 18th)
  • Employees: Oct. 4 (applicants will be notified about acceptance from  Sept. 18th to Oct 5th)
Upcoming Trainings:
  • Students: Sept. 23rd, 10:00 - 1:00 PM in the Student Center Peachtree Room
  • Employees: Oct. 12, 10:00 - 2:00 PM, location TBD (lunch provided)

Student Well-Being Activators

Name Organization(s) Represented
Adair Garrett

Honors Program Living Learning Community

Aimee Gerold  Frisbee Club
Amy Pollmann Honors Program Living Learning Community
Bailey Little KNIT Mentorship
Carter Kim Theta Chi
Christopher Obando Theta Chi, Grand Challenges
Evan Strat  Band Club 
Justin Goveas Theta Chi 
Kelsey Freshour GT Veggie Jackets
Kirthi Rao GT American Medical Student Association
Max Rafferty Theta Chi
Sarajane Crawford Alpha Chi Omega
Sydney Little Phi Mu
William Chung VOICE
Yasmine Bassil Georgia Tech International Ambassadors 
Donald Dole Delta Upsilon 
Michael Autry Theta Chi
Matt Nykolyn Delta Sigma Pi
Jake Fogarty Kappa Sigma 
Alex Hirschberg Theta Chi 
Nick Porcelli Kappa Sigma
Nick Pinto Delta Upsilon 
Yanni Sporidis Delta Upsilon
William Groover Beta Theta Pi
Jonathan Stevenson Chi Phi 
Ryan Roberts Theta Xi
Gwen Rosini Chi Phi
Hetu Patel Glenn Hall
Tanya Sharma Alpha Kappa Psi 
Juan Medina Garcia Lab at IBB 
Anne Hardin Grand Challenges
Mary Menk  Wreckless 
Hannah Smith GT Tour Guides
Autumn Caraway  Kappa Alpha Theta 
Andres Begazo Delta Chi 
Robert Firstman Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Hannah Patterson Club Frisbee
David Blaney Sigma Phi Epilson
Umesh Unnikrishnan SKY (Yes Plus)
Jordan Learey  Chi Psi 
Anthony Kedzierski Theta Chi 
Ethan Cain  Phi Sigma Kappa 
Conner Burkhardt Kappa Alpha Theta
Emma Fornell Phi Mu 
Mary Grace McLeod Phi Mu
Casey Barton  Global Leadership LLC
Akshay Patel  Theta Chi 
Kevin Chatlin  Sigma Phi Epsilon
Ellie Johnson  Phi Mu 
Mykala Sinclair Revive
Cecilia McManus Phi Mu 
Qingyi Lou Honors Program 

Employee Well-Being Activators

Name Department Represented
Priscilla Gaona Campus Recreation
Emily Wright Center for Education, Integrating Science, Mathematics, & Computing
Sabrina Grossman Center for Education, Integrating Science, Mathematics, & Computing
Kathryn Meehan Quinto Center for Career Discovery and Development
Emma Blandford College of Sciences
Charlie Evans Controller's Office
Amanda Planchard Health Initiatives
Byron Stokes Information Technology Group
Laura Pusateri Institute Communications
Yolanda L. Cameron Legal Affairs & Risk Management
Nakisha Green MBA Program Office
Diana Tiernan Office of Campus Sustainability
James Black Office of Graduate Studies
Alyson Moore Office of International Education
David Crites Parking & Transportation Services
Maria Pinto Procurement and Business Services
Kimberly Cross Stamps Health Services
Jeslin Harrigan Student Center
Robbie Ouzts Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Faculty Development
Sherika Henderson Women's Health
Evodie Epane  Stamps Health Services
LaToya Ballard  Athletics Association
Lani Tucker  Stamps Health Services
Harry Ghuman  Grants and Contracts 
Honey Brannon Institute Communications 
Serena Wallace Institute Communications 
Joshua Chen Residence Life
Daniela Munoz Rogers  Residence Life
Ameshia Blanton GTRI
Alyssa Barnes  Material Science and Engineering 
Holley Mitchell  Office of the Arts 
Jessica Demir  Office of International Education
Karla Huie  Office of the Provost 
Jett Marks  GTRI
Lindsay Sundberg Georgia Tech Athletic Association
Gabrielle Campiglia SimTigrate Design Lab
Fran Buser iSYE 
Kayla Barber  Facilities 
Leslie Boston College of Engineering 
Leah Thomas Athletics 
Tierra Clemmons Residence Life/Housing 
Kim Segal Auxillary Operations 
Tamara Hicks ‚Äč Regional - Development 
Bridgett Cruse College of engineering
Sarah M. L. Wilkening Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC)
Peggy Hughes  School of Electrical and Computing Engineering 
Eme Anderson Biomedical Engineering
Debbie Dorsey Student Center 
Kjersti Lukens Center for Sustainable Business - Scheller 
Bianca Tenney Mechanical Engineering
Roosevelt Bryant Material Science and Engineering
Gary Burchfield Brook Byers Institute of Sustainable Systems
Cassandra Davis  GT PD 
Tamar Grimes GTPE - Education Logistics
Lori Federico Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Corey Pressley Facilities Design and Construction
Farlenthia Walker Institute for Materials
Mitsuko Ito CREATE-X

Have a question? Email Jocelyn Resnick. 

Jocelyn Resnick
Health Educator, Health Initiatives
(404) 385-5375

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