5 Signs That You Could Probably Benefit from More Adulting

College is weird. Suddenly you’re expected to live on your own while balancing new social obligations, harder classes, and LOTS of feelings. But no fear—you don’t have to adult alone! Health Initiatives adulting series introduces students to life skills like managing finances, healthy eating, purpose, professionalism, and other skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. If any of the following apply to you, you should consider registering!

 You’ve seen more of the Netflix loading screen than the outside world recently.

Do you spend more time with Michael Scott or Leslie Knope than with your friends and family? Does Netflix keep asking you if “you’re still there?” You may need some tips on “social budgeting”— i.e., how to make time for people, food, and extracurricular activities in your busy schedule. Week 1: The Power of Adulting focuses on social budgeting, transitioning to being an adult, and dealing with independence. Learn how to juggle all your commitments with ease (and still make a little time for The Office) during this session!

 You’re running solely on caffeine and inertia.

Is your goal just to make it to the end of the day?  Is your double shot, extra whip iced coffee the only thing getting you through? You’re not alone. Sometimes it’s really hard to set goals and find your “why” in life. Finding your “why”— why you work hard, why you get out of the bed in the morning, why you’re here at Tech— is critical to your success as an adult. And it’s ok if you’re not sure what it is yet! Week 2: Crafting a Purpose is all about crafting your purpose, smart goal setting, and helping you find your why!

Your idea of networking is connecting with the entire Eastern Seaboard on LinkedIn.

Sure, having 10,000 connections on LinkedIn is definitely better than not having 10,000 connections on LinkedIn, but there’s much more to networking. Week 3: Navigating your Network teaches students how to network, create mentorships, and understand how these fit your professional career. If you could benefit from some career tips, meaningful mentorship, or engaging with a panel of professionals, come to week 3!

You count the lettuce on your Cookout Hamburger as your daily serving of vegetables.

It’s tempting to count the thinly sliced lettuce and tomato on your Big Double Burger as a serving of veggies but you’re going to need to up your veggie game. No fear! Week 4: Cooking for Life teaches students what a healthy diet looks like and how to maintain one on a college campus, as well as how to grocery shop with your health in mind. And, once again, free samples!

The question “tell me about yourself” gives you hives.

Why is it so hard for us to talk about ourselves? You’re awesome, you’re qualified—learn how to market yourself. Week 5: Build Your Brand is about building your brand. By learning how to market yourself on LinkedIn and Facebook, you’ll be able to build a brand you’re confident in.

If any of these apply to you then the Adulting series is calling your name! Learn how to “adult” every Thursday from 4:30-5:30 in West Village beginning September 20th. Go to healthinitiatives.gatech.edu/adulting to register and become a full-fledged adult! 

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