6 Signs That You Need To Get Your (Financial) Life Together

Because personal finances can be overwhelming for anyone, especially for college students.

Personal finances can be overwhelming, especially for college students. The pressures associated with managing money independently are a leading cause of stress for all students, both undergraduate and graduate. Luckily, Health Initiative’s offers two ways for you to grow your financial well-being: a five-week Foundations of Finance course and online, free Transit Financial Wellness. Foundations of Finances is an in-person course that uses Transit to supplement its curriculum. Transit Financial Wellness is a free, online course that allows you to go at your own pace as your work through modules. Both of these programs will help make managing your finances easier by empowering students to practice sound financial habits with confidence. If any of the following seven items apply to you, you may want to consider enrolling in Foundations of Finance or signing up for Transit Financial Wellness.

You’ve spent so much money on Amazon, your bank emailed you about fraud

Ever spent so much money in one purchase that your bank checked in to make sure someone hadn’t stolen your card? Although succulent shaped candles, setting spray, video games, and M&M’s are important, learning how to budget and spend wisely is even more important. Budgeting now will help you establish healthy financial habits that will extend into your future. The Foundations of Finance course helps students manage a budget and differentiate your “needs” from “wants.”

You think the Fortune 500 is a NASCAR race

The Fortune 500 is not, in fact, a Nascar race. Understanding the Fortune 500 is only a small part of learning about the stock market and how to invest. Foundations of Finance features the online program, Transit-Financial Wellness, which educates students on investing, mortgages, and credit scores. Starting to invest now can provide a sense of stability, as well as set you up for financial wellness that can last well into the future.

You think student loans are a “post-college problem”

Student loans are not something to “deal with later.” While you may not be able to make contributions to pay them off now, you can adjust your spending and savings habits to prepare for the future. Student loans can cause a lot of stress, but Foundations of Finance aims to lessen that burden by teaching you how to manage school expenses and avoid unnecessary debt, as well as educate you about repayment options and responsibilities.

It would be easier for you to tightrope across the Grand Canyon than to do your taxes

No idea how taxes work? Not sure how to incorporate your taxes into your budget? No clue as to how to manage your taxed income? This program is designed to give you a strong foundation that will help you understand how basics like taxes work, how to invest taxed income, and how to make smart decisions that take taxes and external factors into account.

You’ve never thought about your finances

Many college students are pretty in the dark about a lot of the aforementioned topics, and that’s ok! Believe it or not, it’s ok not to know everything. Unfortunately, in the case of personal finances, however, ignorance is not bliss. Now is a great time to start thinking about your current finances and learning how to budget, avoid debt, and spend wisely.

Thinking about your financial future makes you sweat

Maybe you do think about your personal finances, but it makes you nervous, sweaty, and maybe even a little queasy. You might already be overwhelmed with balancing your health, academics, and social life— and money is just another ball you’re trying to juggle. That’s what Foundations of Finance is here for. You have enough to worry about, lessen the burden by taking control of your financial future.

 Managing money is important for everyone, regardless of age, major, or career aspirations. Start making wise financial choices now, by enrolling in the FREE Foundations of Finance course or signing up for Transit Financial Wellness.

Two sessions of Foundations of Finance will be offered this fall, each with a maximum capacity of 30 students. The first session meets on Mondays at 5 p.m. beginning September 17th, and the second session starts on October 29th. Classes are held in Student Center Room 301. Registration is required to attend and spots are limited. Register for session one before September 17th and session two before October 29th online at healthinitiatives.gatech.edu/finance.

You can sign up for Transit Financial Wellness anytime online at healthinitiatives.gatech.edu/finance.

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