Build your Financial Foundation with Health Initiatives

The average graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt in 2016, according to student loan hero, which continues to rise every year. Have you figured out your plan to pay your loans and still make a living? Need help budgeting now? Do you know the difference between a 401K and Roth IRA? As graduation or your first co-op approaches the last thing on your mind is money management. However, understanding basic money management principles can help prepare you for success in the future.

            Health Initiatives is offering a five-week Foundations in Personal Finance course for Georgia Tech students. The course covers the basics of finance helping you better prepare for the future. This course, based on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, empowers students to save, budget, avoid debt, and spend wisely. The program focuses not only on personal finance concepts and knowledge but also practical applications that lead to behavior change. Each week you will learn about a new topic:

  • Week 1: Saving money and the different emergencies that can happen during college and how best to prepare for them
  • Week 2: Designing a budget and analyzing ways to earn money while in school
  • Week 3: Avoiding debt and how you can reduce any acquired debt
  • Week 4: Applying for financial aid, landing a job, and preparing for transitions after graduation
  • Week 5: Evaluating your personality traits in relation to money management

            This program takes place every Monday from 5-6pm beginning January 29th through February 26th and is free for both undergraduate and graduate Georgia Tech students. There will be a second course March 26th through April 23rd. Registration is required as there are only 20 available spots for each session of the five-week course. You can register at

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