Certified Healthy is Back with a New Expanded Program

Certified Healthy is back with an expanded program now open to campus departments, student organizations, and residence halls. This program was created to acknowledge departments and organizations committed to fostering healthy lifestyle choices. The pilot program launched in spring 2017 and recognized 13 departments across campus for their commitment to creating a culture of health and well-being. Health and Well-Being Executive Director, Suzy Harrington said, “We are excited to expand this program after last year’s successful pilot. The inclusion of students into this program will further promote Georgia Tech’s commitment to making our community a healthier and happier place for everyone.” 

Applications are now open until April 6th for this prestigious designation. The application process is a quick survey that can be completed by anyone in your organization or department. There are three distinct levels to reach for: gold certified, certified or striving for certified. Each level addresses the commitment to the five dimensions of well-being: professional, social, physical, spiritual and emotional. Health Educator, Sarah Morales encourages everyone to apply, “you are likely creating a supportive and caring environment for your fellow coworkers and student groups without realizing it. We want to thank you and recognize the effort you put in to cultivating this culture of health and well-being.” Criteria for each category will be based on the following: 

  • Gold Certified Healthy organizations with a culture of health, well-being, and caring that is ingrained in their organization. They have gone above and beyond in promoting health across the five dimensions of well-being (professional, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical) and regularly encourage members to follow their purpose and practice self-care.
  • Certified Healthy organizations influence a community of health, well-being, and caring. They provide health and well-being opportunities for their group members in a majority of the five dimensions of well-being.
  • Striving for Certified Healthy organizations are working towards creating a community of health, well-being and caring. They may be strong in one dimension of well-being, but need to expand efforts into all five dimensions.

All recipients will be recognized at the President’s Walk on April 26th. For additional information regarding the three levels of certification as well as to apply please visit healthinitiatives.gatech.edu/certified-healthy

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  • Certified Healthy - Gold

    Certified Healthy - Gold

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