Health Initiatives Nutrition Presentations Available Upon Request

 Health Initiatives (HI) provides numerous outreach opportunities that empower the Georgia Tech community to make healthy decisions. HI health educators and dietitians are available upon request to lead discussions or present to your organization, team, class or department. Check out the current pre-planned nutrition presentations created by the HI dietitians, Amber Johnson and Leah Galante


Nutrition 101 - introduces the basic concepts of healthy eating and wellness, through an interactive game that debunks common nutrition myths.  “Nutrition 101 is a great introduction to nutrition basics and offers helpful information and background on why fad diets and extreme approaches to nutrition aren’t scientifically sound,” said Johnson.  


Intuitive Eating - intuitive eating is an evidence-based non-diet approach that will help you create a balanced and compassionate relationship with food and your body. This session introduces the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. Designed for individuals wishing to explore and discuss their relationship with food, dieting and/or body image. “The Intuitive Eating presentation reviews the principles, addresses the whys for choosing an intuitive eating approach, and dispels many myths that are often fueled by the media and diet culture with the goal of promoting healthful and balanced relationships with our bodies and food,” said Galante.  


Eating on a Budget - explores strategies for managing the balance between food, time, and money. Learn how to make smart and cost saving decisions your stomach and wallet will thank you for. Johnson said, “being on a budget and nourishing yourself well aren’t mutually exclusive.  This presentation provides helpful information on how to choose healthful options that support your physical and financial wellness.”  Galante said, “this presentation provides many ideas for combining nutrient dense, budget-friendly meals and snacks to fuel your day.”


Body Image and Disordered Eating - Learn more about societies and our own influences on body image, and how it can affect self-worth, eating, and activity habits.  *Trigger warning- Disordered eating diagnoses are explored and described, and resources for seeking help are provided.  Johnson said, “Disordered eating habits are more common and more serious than many people believe.  Explore how society’s body image ideals can affect our eating and activity habits in unhealthy ways.”


National Nutrition Month may be almost over but there are plenty of opportunities to continue the conversation all year long. Check out these and all other pre- planned presentation topics at

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