Learn How to Eat Intuitively with Health Initiatives

How many times have you started a new diet and quit halfway through feeling frustrated and disappointed? You are not alone, often times diets don’t work and can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Health Initiatives (HI) is hosting a series of one-hour workshops to improve your relationship with food using an intuitive eating approach. These workshops are free to attend and take place every other Thursday beginning on September 6th at 4 pm in the Student Center Room 343. They cover different intuitive eating principles to help you reach your goals and fuel your body with a non-diet approach to eating.  

Intuitive eating empowers you to tune into your bodies signals, break the dieting cycle and trust your body again. Popular diets often take an overly restrictive approach with limited food options and excessive calorie counting. Breaking any of these rules can often result in feelings of shame, guilt, and frustration that tend to only worsen eating habits. HI Dietician Leah Galante said, “Students have so much on their plates and it becomes easy to drown out what our bodies are telling us they need. These workshops will teach you how to trust your body and to understand when what, and how much to eat.” In an environment as hectic and as busy as Georgia Tech, it’s important to be able to recognize what drives hunger and when it’s right to eat. Each class is dedicated to addressing a different intuitive eating principle and finding ways to make them work best for you. Full class dates and topics below:

Sept 6, Student Center 343 - Reject the Diet Mentality

Sept 20, Student Center 343 - Honor Your Hunger & Respect your Fullness

Oct 4, Student Center 343 - Make Peace with Food & Challenge the Food Police

Oct 18, Student Center 343 - Discover the Satisfaction Factor & Honor your Feelings without Using Food

Oct 25, Student Center 343 - Respect your Body & Exercise - Feel the Difference

Nov 8, Student Center Piedmont Room – Honor your Health

Register online at healthinitiatives.gatech.edu/intuitive-eating.

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