Nutrition Services

Need advice about nutrition, losing or gaining weight, or eating healthy on the meal plan? Meet with our dietitian for only $5! Each visit includes a 50-minute appointment, an analysis of your current diet, and an action plan. To make an appointment, call (404) 894-9980.

Failure to give 24 hours' notice of cancellation of appointments will be charged a $35 fee.

Eating Smart & Happy Tabling Series

Meet with our dietitian to discuss eating smart and happy on and off campus. Here is the list of dates and topics for the series: 

Portion Distortion – Wondering how much you should *really* be eating for your best health?  Get to know standard serving sizes using your hand as a guide.

Diversifying Your Plate- The Food Pyramid is old news.  Figure out what your healthiest plate looks like.  Hint: it includes lots of colors.

Go Further with Food – Celebrate National Nutrition Month by going further with food.  Learn how mindful eating, sustainability, and training for a race (or life!) all can help get you to your healthiest self.

Mindful Mondays - The best time to adopt a new healthy habit is Monday. Eating mindfully, honoring your body's hunger and fullness cues, as well as respecting those foods that help you feel and perform at your best.

Student Center 11:30am-12:30pm West Village Dining 11am-12pm Brittain Dining 12:30pm-1:30pm North Avenue Dining 11am-12pm
Jan. 9 - Portion Distortion Jan. 16 - Portion Distortion Jan. 24 - Portion Distortion Jan. 30 - Portion Distortion
Feb. 6 - Diversifying Your Plate Feb. 13 - Diversifying Your Plate Feb. 21 - Diversifying Your Plate Feb. 27 - Diversifying Your Plate
March 6 - Go Further with Food March 13 - Go Further with Food March 14 - Go Further with Food March 27 - Go Further with Food
April 2 - Mindful Mondays April 9 - Mindful Mondays April 16 - Mindful Mondays April 23 - Mindful Mondays