Mission & Vision



To transform the Yellow Jacket community by inspiring a thriving and resilient culture of health and well-being.


Health Initiatives cultivates a thriving environment that enhances lifelong well-being among students and employees who live, learn, and work in the Georgia Tech community. The department influences and empowers the campus community to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors by providing inclusive and innovative prevention-based programs, individual and group support services, and co-curricular learning experiences through strategic collaboration.


  1. Support students and employees by providing health and well-being programs, services, and resources to encourage positive behavior change.
  2. Ensure students and employees are aware of and value the programs and services offered by the Department of Health Initiatives by employing consistent communication strategies and actively directing the health and well-being message.
  3. Strategically partner with stakeholders to strengthen our impact and collaboratively influence the culture of health and well-being on campus.
  4. Continuously improve the lifelong well-being practices of students, employees and the Georgia Tech community by supporting them in the holistic dimensions of wellness.
  5. Enhance the Health Initiatives work environment by maintaining open communication, supporting employee professional development, and encouraging employees to model positive health and well-being behaviors and attitudes.