Wellness Coaching

Virtual Wellness coaching is here! Health Initiatives is offering individual wellness coaching for all students online through Blue Jeans or via phone call. 
Register for virtual wellness coaching here! 

Wellness coaching is where students can come to optimize their personal goals. Wellness will be discussed through goal-setting, forward-thinking, reflection, and self-discovery. For example, possible areas to explore in coaching include but are not limited to:

  • Fitness
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Healthy eating/weight management
  • Relationships
  • Future plans/aspirations

Wellness Coaching is a service to students - not a typical "program". It does not have set educational components or a strict outline to follow. During sessions, you will set meaningful, specific goals by acknowledging and applying your strengths.

Wellness coaching is a good fit for students who want to make changes to their lives through discussion and reflection.

Coaching aims to be very forward thinking, strengths-based and rooted in motivational interviewing. Coaches are not experts who analyze problems, give advice, and prescribe solutions. Rather, coaches encourage personal responsibility so participants utilize reflective thinking, self-discovery, and self-efficacy to discover his or her full potential. Health Educators from Health Initiatives are trained/certified in Health Coaching and are not mental health professionals. If you are interested in accessing counseling/therapy services and working with a mental health professional, visit the Counseling Center at counseling.gatech.edu/