Wellness Coaching

Health Initiatives offers wellness coaching for undergraduate and graduate students online via Microsoft Teams. 


Register for wellness coaching at this link 


Wellness coaching is an individual program that helps students identify personal goals and discover individualized strategies to improve their overall well-being. Wellness coaches listen to students' concerns and work collaboratively to create and action plan to address their specified wellness goals. Your coach will offer support and guidance along the way and will help to hold you accountable for achieving your goals. 

Our overarching goal is to empower students to take the necessary steps to make desired changes in their lives. We also aim to facilitate personal reflection and insight among students to build resilience in making proactive and informative healthy lifestyle choices. 

Wellness Coaches can work with you to: 
  • Set and achieve personal goals 
  • Initiate and sustain wellness behaviors 
  • Balance the dimensions of well-being
  • Brainstorm strategies and identify resources
  • Identify potential barriers to change and develop strategies to move forward
Wellness Coaches can provide support around: 
  • Sleep
  • Physical Activity
  • General Stress Management 
  • Self-Care
  • Social Relationships 
  • Nutrition
Here is what you can expect: 
  1. Wellness coaching is free and students are allowed up to 6 coaching sessions
  2. Register for wellness coaching at this link 
  3. Intake Visit: The first visit typically lasts about 45-60 minutes. You will meet individually with a wellness coach to review your current habits, identify your priorities, and create a realistic action plan. 
  4. Follow up Visit: These visits are typically 30 minutes and serve as a space to check-in about your progress, talk through challenges, and revise goals as needed. Most students find that meeting with a wellness coach every 2-4 weeks is ideal, providing optimal support while allowing adequate time to work on action steps towards goals. 


Wellness coaches have participated in The University of North Carolina Greensboro's Health Coach Training. 

It is important to note that wellness coaches are not therapists or psychologists. If you believe that depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues may be a factor for you and you are interested in accessing counseling/therapy services, please visit CARE at care.gatech.edu