Alcohol & Consequences

Drinking can impact your life in ways you never considered. People talk about blackouts, vomiting, and hangovers, but have you ever thought about how alcohol impacts your personality? Alcohol can change your mood, your impulse control, and your ability to stay out of trouble. Students can end up in OSI following a game day ejection, housing alcohol violation, or other alcohol related incident. They hold a conduct process to decide what sanctions are appropriate, including alcohol evaluations from the Counseling Center, restitution, educational coursework, or suspension. Click here to learn more about OSI sanctions.

Practice staying in control if you drink by knowing your limits and what works best for you. If you are concerned about yourself or a friends drinking habits, check out our alcohol resources or learn more about mental health and well-being.

Get Smart

Party Smarter

Learn how to be safe if you choose to drink including how to keep your party smart, what a standard drink is, and signs of alcohol poisoning.


Learn more about typical drinking behaviors on campus and across the country. 

Policies & Initiatives

Learn more about Georgia Tech policies related to alcohol and the Alcohol and Other Drugs Action Committee.


  • Wreckless (student organization) - provides school spirit and fun events on campus by challenging the campus culture in providing a safe alternative to the typical Georgia Tech party scene
  • Office of Student Integrity (OSI) - teaches students to make strong, integrity-filled choices and to provide a clear and fair conduct process
  • Office of the Dean of Students  - provides an opportunity to get involved on campus, learn about what’s going on around campus, and to create a great network of friends, as well as support during difficult times
  •  Counseling Center - home to the Collegiate Recovery Program, free and confidential individual and group counseling, and the many ways they can support you in relation to alcohol.