Alcohol & Finances

Drinking alcohol can financially impact your college experience. Whether you go out to clubs and bars or drink on campus there is a price tag for every version of a night out. Some of these expenses include transportation costs like your Lyft/Uber to the bar, that hangover brunch, and everything in between. The hidden costs associated with drinking can include smaller purchases like a $10 late night snack to an unexpected $1,300 ambulance ride. Over time those $10 late night purchases start to add up and consume your bank account or that ambulance ride can impede on your ability to cover next semester’s tuition. It’s important to stay in control of your finances and set a realistic budget before your night out. Even if you don’t feel like alcohol is costing that much in college, it is an expensive habit for life. Go to our finance page to learn how you can stay in control of your finances.

 For a list of average Atlanta expenses associated with a night out see below1:

  • Average cost of a late night fast food combo - $7
  • Average Uber/Lyft cost (5miles) - $18
  • Average cost of one cocktail - $11
  • Average cost of one beer - $6
  • Average cup of hangover coffee - $5
Try setting a budget for the night before you head out. For more information, check out our finance page.

Get Smart

Party Smarter

Learn how to be safe if you choose to drink including how to keep your party smart, what a standard drink is, and signs of alcohol poisoning.


Learn more about typical drinking behaviors on campus and across the country. 

Policies & Initiatives

Learn more about Georgia Tech policies related to alcohol and the Alcohol and Other Drugs Action Committee.


  • Wreckless (student organization) - provides school spirit and fun events on campus by challenging the campus culture in providing a safe alternative to the typical Georgia Tech party scene
  • Office of Student Integrity (OSI) - teaches students to make strong, integrity-filled choices and to provide a clear and fair conduct process
  • Office of the Dean of Students  - provides an opportunity to get involved on campus, learn about what’s going on around campus, and to create a great network of friends, as well as support during difficult times
  •  Counseling Center - home to the Collegiate Recovery Program, free and confidential individual and group counseling, and the many ways they can support you in relation to alcohol.