Data on alcohol is being collected at Georgia Tech and nationally to help us understand the college landscape in terms of drinking. Here is some data collected in the past year.

  • While alcohol is influential in campus culture, students and employees both recognize other concerns as more pressing in their daily lives - when asked to rank top health concerns, neither students nor non-students ranked it within their top 10 concerns (Campus Services Satisfaction Survey).
  • 75% of students agree to some extent (slightly agree, agree, strongly agree) that drinking is a big part of the social culture at Georgia Tech (Wake Forest Wellbeing Assessment).
  • 63% of students disagree to some extent (slightly disagree, disagree, strongly disagree) that drinking causes them to not do their best on school work (Wake Forest Wellbeing Assessment).
  • All incoming first-year students are required to take AlcoholEdu. The data from surveys in the course show:
    • Almost 2 out of every 10 first-year students (17%) reported drinking in a high risk way.
    • About 3 out of every 10 students (31%) who drank in the last 2 weeks have blacked out, 44% have had a hangover.
    • 2 out of every 10 first-year students (20%) report having not drinking in the past two weeks.
  • 4 out of every 10 college students nationally have binge drank in the last two weeks according to the National Institute of Health. Click here to learn more.


  • Wreckless (student organization) - provides school spirit and fun events on campus by challenging the campus culture in providing a safe alternative to the typical Georgia Tech party scene
  • Office of Student Integrity (OSI) - teaches students to make strong, integrity-filled choices and to provide a clear and fair conduct process
  • Office of the Dean of Students  - provides an opportunity to get involved on campus, learn about what’s going on around campus, and to create a great network of friends, as well as support during difficult times
  •  Counseling Center - home to the Collegiate Recovery Program, free and confidential individual and group counseling, and the many ways they can support you in relation to alcohol.