What is thriving?

Thriving is growing vigorously. It is when an individual is able to progress towards or realize a goal despite or because of their circumstances and hardships. Thriving students keep trying, persisting through challenges with a positive perspective and confidence that they can succeed through hard work.

Thriving students are fully engaged intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Thriving college students not only are academically successful, they also experience a sense of community and a level of psychological well-being that contributes to their persistence to graduation and allows them to gain maximum benefit from being in college (Schreiner, Pothoven, Nelson, & McIntosh, 2009)

What it means to be thriving.

Thriving students:
  1. Explore and grow academically and intellectually.
  2. Engage in campus activities and leadership roles on campus.
  3. Build meaningful relationships (friendships, mentorships, etc.).
  4. Develop their own identity.
  5. Appreciate diverse perspectives.
  6. Cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning for their life.
Characteristics of Thriving Students:

Students who thrive use challenging experiences as opportunities to transform themselves.

  • Positive perspective
  • Pro-active & Take initiative – they seek out information and services to ensure their success​
  • Re-frame negative events into learning opportunities
  • Focus on their strengths

How to get from surviving to thriving, a change in perspective:

Programs & Services


The Adulting series introduces students to life skills that aren't taught in the classroom. Learn how to "adult" as participants explore finances, healthy eating, purpose, professionalism, and other life skills proving you with the essential skills and knowledge to be a successful adult.

Wellness Coaching

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Learn more about the wellness coaching services offered in Health Initiatives.